Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2

So today's going eh I guess.  I made a gross juice, but I used like all of our fruit so I guess I'm gonna have to shot glass it till its gone and leave the juice making to Brooke.  I don't have a headache yet, but the day is young.  My stomach is begging for Taco Bell, but I will fight the urge for eighteen more days.  I don't feel too bad, but I do wish I had something to do to occupy my mind and time.

Weight: 138
Strength: It's coming
Endurance: Can do my daily walk and wish it was longer.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1

It's day one of the torture diet and I already hate it.  How can you enjoy drinking vegetable juice...I mean seriously people.  If I wasn't so concerned about my health, I would give up right now and go buy some Taco Bell.  I do not like healthy food, so twenty days of nothing but fruit and veggie juice is gonna be tough.  I was thinking about going longer but now all I have to say to that is yeah right.  After this diet I'll eat healthier, but that doesn't mean I still won't go out and get Taco Bell and Wendy's every once in a while.

Weight: 141
Strength: Non existant
FML today

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pre Diet Blues

Not entirely looking forward to this new found craze called the juice diet.  It consists of drinking nothing but juice and water.  The juice in only fruits and veggies, and I'm hoping it doesn't taste like crap.  I am only doing about twenty days while the sibs are doing longer, but we shall see.  I like junk food way too much, which is one of the reasons I am going on this nasty diet.   Don't get me wrong, I love juice, but I hate not eating junk.

Today is the day I'm cramming as much crap as I can down my throat before I have to give food up for twenty or so days.  Tomorrow I have a barbeque I'm going to, otherwise I'd be starting then.

Not looking forward to the detox or the stinkiness, but I am looking forward to the being healthier.  I'll keep you posted peeps.

Weight as of today: 142 lbs
Endurance:  Can walk for at least 4 miles, but running about 2 minutes tops.
Strength:  What's that?